Keeping lookout

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Blog ITT AquaView - 1Blog ITT AquaView - 2From the sketch a photographer was employed to create the image of the lady sitting at her desk monitoring the progress of the pumping station. The perspective of the water process plant was corrected and the sky extended. The images were superimposed and given both a light and dark effect which were later used in magazine ads and brochures.

Clear blue

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Blog SP Windows Fresh water - 2Blog SP Windows Fresh water - 1The object here was to make this image more appetising. Using a combination of adjustment layers the water was quickly given a positive turn around. The addition to the sky was to provide room for the article copy.

Satellite professionals

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Blog SCC Management - 1Blog SCC Management - 2The task was to clear way the cluttering objects in the image to create focus on the SCC personnel. Initially I adopted Illustrator to redraw the ceiling lines and then Photoshop to add the lighting fluctuations. Careful attention was giving to such subtle details as the reflections in the floor and the simplicity of the glass windows in the background.

Leading oil

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Blog Preem Managing Director - 1
Preem’s Managing Director was heading up development for fuel production from pine trees. The final image, in which he was placed in the nature was required for a magazine interview and later press release articles.

Slurry in action

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Blog Xylem Slurry Logo - 1Blog Xylem Slurry Logo - 2Here the objective was to take this very ordinary image of a pump in action and create a bit of drama. The ever elusive logo was added by first recreating the 3D form of the pump in Illustrator. When brought into Photoshop the pump illustration was masked away and the texture and lighting added to the logo to produce the required illusion.