Sitting comfortably

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Blog HSB Old Lady - 1Blog HSB Old Lady - 2Blog HSB Old Lady - 3This was considerably difficult to mask as the grey hair of both the lady and her dog were placed upon a grey background. The Art director wished to add a specific wallpaper pattern which there was only little of. So that had to generated from what we had. Texture and shading were later added to subtly supply a reality effect.


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Blog ITT Woman - 1Blog ITT Woman - 2The final image was to be used on a Roll-up and therefore had to be extended to fit the format. The image was given a increase in contrast to make the most of what was not the most interesting of subject matters.

In the woods

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Blog Preem Group - 1Blog Preem Group - 2Personnel members were photographed standing in similar woodland greenery in the studio. Once masked they were added to the woodland backdrop. As the required format was higher than what we had, it was neccesary to extend the image height.

Fast track

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Blog Soya Group Horse - 1Blog Soya Group Horse - 2To give the image an added dimension I decided to increase its contest and add a sepia tone. To do so I firstly applied the contrast to the grey image via Camera Raw and once saved as RGB jpeg brought the image back in again and applied the auto colour correction tool. This gave it the sepia characteristics.

Keeping lookout

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Blog ITT AquaView - 1Blog ITT AquaView - 2From the sketch a photographer was employed to create the image of the lady sitting at her desk monitoring the progress of the pumping station. The perspective of the water process plant was corrected and the sky extended. The images were superimposed and given both a light and dark effect which were later used in magazine ads and brochures.

Sit there!

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Blog Soya Group Sofa - 1I had an idea for the layout from the copy and image supplied for the article. Although the positioning of the man had to be altered in order for it to work. He was masked and moved and the seating straightend to give better harmony to the overall disposition.