Caverion /​ Brand Launch

An intense pro­duc­tion as time was very short before release. The com­pany was to be giv­en a new name and face-lift and we were charged with con­vey­ing the mes­sage to the thou­sands of employ­ees dot­ted around the coun­try at the same time.
_​_​Other than the usu­al branded products such as cups, plates and pens for the event, we also cre­ated a bro­chure out­lining the new company’s vis­ion and pro­file. Soon after the launch we saw over vehicle strip­ing and cre­ated an intern­al magazine to boost the company’s new iden­tity and tone-of-voice.

Annica Jacucci Wirensjö
Magnus Litholt
Mark de Koning

Mark de Koning